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Old 06-24-2007, 06:57 AM   #1
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Default My comp is going threw some hard times :(

As of late my computer has been Fa*King up hardcore...mainly one of my hard drives i think is stuffed. Ill start from the beggining.

Ok so this all started happening after i just got Lord of the rings online and i got home installed it started playing it and got stuck into it pretty hard for about a week and all the time getting random crashes to desktop or system restart with some crazy blue screen that i got for a couple seconds...i allso get pologon tares alot while playing but i think this is my card over heating and this is not the real problem but one of them So any way as continue to play i get these crashes over and over and not to much to the point where im going crazy but it was like about every 3 hours and spesialy if i had it on ultra high gfx but if i had it on lower like high or medium it would never crash.

I normaly leave my computer on because im downloading somthing or yeah for some reason but if its doing nothing i turn it of and this night happend to be one of the nights i did a turn it of. So i turned it of and went to bed then the next morning i get up and press the power button i got some NTLDR error shit and spent ages messing around with taking ram out and switching around hard drives but the only thing that i could do to get past it was reformated and for a moment i couldent even get to the point of being able to format them but i eventualy got past it and formated my 60 gig which had the OS on it and lost everything then i cleard everything from my 120 just to be safe because i dident wana keep anything that would be a potensial virus that could cause my computer to go threw this again because this is seriously some of the most painfull crap ive ever been threw. So i got past this by completly deleting all content on both hard drives and was hoping this would fix it and it did for about 4 days until i restarted again and i started to get the same shit...NTLDR is missing???? Ctrl +alt +Delete to restart....so i jumped on my mums lapy figured out that this is genraly somthing to do with messing up bios or ahrd drives or somthing and download this boot disk that allowed me to get threw to windows and i had to set some stuff back to normal but ever since this my 120 gig does show up well it shows up in bios kind of but just with the name <HARD DRIVE> can some one please tell me a way to reset all things back to default because its like right down to the point of my going crazy my 120 gig HDD is Platnium...seriously can some one please help and if so i can provide more infomation

Sorry for my terible spelling and grammer

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Default Re: My comp is going threw some hard times :(

Well heres some info on your NTLDR error.

I would be interested to know what the exactt blue screen errors where? As this could be whats causing the NTLDR errors.

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Default Re: My comp is going threw some hard times :(

could it be that he didn't get the right drives or don't have the universal audio codec????one time i deleted the codec by reinstalling xp pro on my hp and i had to send off for a cd...or maybe he needs to update the drivers or something for the game to recognize it???just theories let me know what happens
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