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Default Re: Must Read...

Ok, since it is a SLi mobo, I tried putting the card in the other slot but it still lagged like before.

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Default Re: Must Read...

Have you tried updating the sound card drivers? I'm thinking they aren't working right if the computer is trying to put out sound and it is lagging. Try reinstalling your sound card drivers, either for your model PCI sound card, or off your mobo drivers CD (for onboard).

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Default Re: Must Read...

john 123, yes you will get better performance, and they also come with sweet overclockin and monitoring software, like i said the mobo bios optimization is od too, many more settings, you can take snapshots, and it shows your realtime fps as well.
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Default Re: Must Read...

Originally Posted by dwillis77
All good suggestions, but the only one that might be plausable is the problem with the PCI-E slot: heres why.

I know its not the graphics card itself because not only were my 3DMark05 scores on par with those who have the same card, but I also put my brother card in an experienced the same problems. I know its getting enough power because, well 650watts should be enough to run 2 cards.

I also dont think its a problem with my soundboard, heres why. Every time I installed BF 2 or re-installed some drivers, the game would work fine for a short period of time, and then everytime I go to the options menu, or even the rank menu, it would start to freak out again.

This also happened last night: I was attempting to look at video on thatvideosite.com and whenever I would open one it would look terrible, with only orange and red and bright colors all pixalated and stuff...i'll post a picture if you think it would help

Could be the PCI-E slot, but then how come my 3DMark05 score are average and the game works some of the time? Im almost convinced it has to be the Mobo or XP now but...

Thanks for the help guys, keep it coming.
Because, its not a constant send of data. Where in the game, the GPU is constantly running, and hard, filling up alot of bandwidth in the slot.

First off, try reseating the graphics card. But before putting it in, shoot out the slot with some compressed air.

Next if that doesnt work, look up the warrentee, and say you have a defective motherboard, explain why and you should get a new one no questions asked.
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Default Re: Must Read...

Sounds like a motherboard problem TBH. Have you got another PC you could try the card in? If so, check that the card is working.

There doesn't sound like there is anything wrong with the CPU.

Could you try another hard drive with a fresh install of Windows - it might be something like a bad sector?

I doubt it would be XP.

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