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Default mp3 (or other iPod supported formats) ripping

You know, I don't think I've been on here enough to be considered much of a member; sorry about that.
Anyways, I got my frist Real paycheck today!! (I'm only 17, btw) I am getting the 60Gb iPod ASAP --everything is ordered and such. The only problem is that all of the computers I own or have general access to are WAY too (poopy) to run iTunes, which sucks. I have Musicmatch, but when it rips .mp3's, it is almost disgustingly bassy. DBPowerAMP is just the oposite; almost no bass at all, and there is an annoying squeal that goes with the songs, as if I were streaming them. If I have to, I will simply hack away at computers and software (not that I'm some great hax0r or anything) until I can either fake iTunes out or just make it not care, but I would really like some other, non-malicious form of getting decent .mp3s working. Oh; I have, on my home computer, Rioport's Audio Manager, but as far as I can tell, they don't exist anymore, and I can't download it anymore and the version I have is screwed up or something. It was good while it lasted...
Sorry; getting off topic. I do that a lot --kinda like Patrick McMantis, though I don't think that's how he spells his last name. I could be wrong. It's kinda surprising how often I think that i am wrong, but I'm not...crap. I'm doing it again.
Okay. .mp3's. Uhh... I want some decent thing to rip them so I can put them on my iPod. Perhaps an older version of iTunes would be nice if I could find a mirror or something (my processor is only 400 MHz on this here laptop, which is the fastest I have), but whatever the case I am most likely going to put Linux on it when they finish that project ( http://www.ipodlinux.org/ for those not in the know; it's cool ). Yeah... I think I'm yapping again, so I'm just going to pray that you all got what I'm asking for ( a decent ripper for .mp3's or apple formats) and shut up now, awaiting a reply. Thanks a bundle!

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Default Re: mp3 (or other iPod supported formats) ripping

the ipod uses a unique format for their files. Therefore you have to run itunes because itunes will convert the mp3's for you. Your computers must be really bad to run itunes cause its not that intense of a program. Just restart ur comp and only run itunes and nothing else. it should run that way.

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Default Re: mp3 (or other iPod supported formats) ripping

Yeah, Apple like to feel special with their own file formats and computer formats... I say like to feel special....because well....yeah...

Anyway you need to convert it to Apples AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) format.

As for DBPowerAmp not working, are you sure your setting the songs to convert at a decent bitrate to allow for bass and treble to be heard properly? Like128kbps at the very least. I tend to use 192kbps when ripping Cd's.

This site seems rather useful in converting with Apple Itunes, which i'm afraid you'll have to use if other programs don't like you doing it:


I hope this helps
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Special is good, yes. Oh; the later iPods, at least those as my friends have (though I will be the first to not have a Mini) now support .mp3's, but of course not .wma's. I think they just, instead of having the iPod and the HP iPod, made the regular iPod support all types. Same goes for the iPod Photo; if you haven't noticed, you can no longer buy those, and all iPods now have a color screen and can do pictures. Whatever the case, I don't plan on using that much 'cept for a particular picture of an exgirlfriend, a few dear friends, and... yeah. That doesn't matter.

I generally use the smallest bit rate I can, but I think that is set at 128. I'll check that out when I can (I hijacked a school computer and am using it for this reply). I know that I used to have lower compression when I used mp3PRO or .wma formats because they would support lower compression, but... actually, now that I think about it, it seems that I do have those set for 128kbps. Thanks for that.

Anyways, I would still like to find a more convinient player and ripper if possible. I have a lot of soundtracks and songs with featured artists and such, but DBPowerAMP CD ripping thingy as well as musicmatch has the Artist and Album, then the individual songs to title. Rioport's Audio Manager was efficeint in that it would give a single screen to put in information for every song (I'll probably be manually inputting tags and such instead of using CDDB for my own convinience and my lack of serious computing stuff at home), but it is the only thing to give such an interface. When I use Musicmatch, the best way I find to do it is to either just rip the songs and change the name and tag manually or to rip the songs on at a time, and after each song changing the name of the artist or whatever needs to be change. Very inconvinient, to say the least.

Whatever the case, Thank you Kage, and to anyone else that will further my knowledge of these programs that i am in need of. Oh; it seems that i may have to wait a bit longer for my iPod (for those who care); my dad is making me wait until next week to put the money in the bank so that I can order it. Pooh.
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