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Default Motherboard Criteria and Chipset

So i can't decide what i want to do. I am looking into upgrading my computer and to do that i need a new motherboard that will support a better chipset. What i am primarily looking for is a home computer with gaming capabilities, i guess the gaming is my first priority since and gaming computer will be able to take care of my other computer activities. I can't decide wheter i should just revamp everything or find a motherboard that will support some of my current components. Right now i have a Radeon x1600 XT agp video card and 1.5 gb of DDR PC3200 RAM. I have a feeling i am stunting future upgrade-ability by recycling these components into my new setup but i am reluctant to chunk these components. My current motherboard is a ASUS P4GE MX and a Pentium(R) Celeron(R) 2.4GHz. Someone told me that my lackluster computer performance was probably due to this chipset being a bottleneck. SOOOOOoooooo.......... should i get a motherboard that will support these components and a new cpu, such as this one or get a new motherboard and new components with more upgrade-ability or a combination of the two? And maybe even more importantly... AMD or Intel, and what is a good midrange chipset... yeah i know lots of questions... any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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Default Re: Motherboard Criteria and Chipset

OK for a start the pentium celeron is your processor and not a chipset .
Also at the moment if yyou want a gmaing computer it makes sense to go dual core as it offers better performance .The only thing is you are going to need to build a whole new computer .
I would recommend a motherboard based on the nvidia 680I chipset with a core 2 duo . but depending on your budget that may need changing .
That is my question how much money do you have to spend on this
As for the old components you could sell them either here or on ebay .If you wanna sell them here just make a thread in the for sale/trade lounge
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