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Default Motherboard

Im new to the forum and a noob to fixing hardware

Currenty i have a MSI PM8M2-V Motherboard and am replacing it since the CPU and memory have burnt out (correct me if i have the terms wrong)

Anyway i just needed to know, if i can get any other brand motherboard? I still want to fit my 2GB ram cards and my graphic card
The box is

Also i took out the motherboard today along with the graphic card and memory.
I placed them on styrofoam for a while. Now ive heard peopl talking bout the static which can ruin the parts. Is this true? if so is my ram cards and graphic card unusable now?

Lastly, i dont remember which slots go where from power, usb, lights, etc. Is there somewhere that can show me?


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Default Re: Motherboard

Hello aikawa.

I'm under the impression that you are very confused. What do you mean by that your CPU and memory(RAM?) have burnt out? If you mean that they're dead, then why would you want to replace the motherboard? I'm not sure about the whole Styrofoam problem. I've never heard of such a thing or have ever tried it.

What you want to do is try all your components on another PC that supports them and test them out one by one to see if any of them have failed.

To find out where your Front Panel connectors go you can have a look at your motherboards manual.

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