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Old 09-17-2005, 03:33 PM   #1
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Default Another error message.

Hi again,

I hate to keep bothering you all about such matters, but hopefully you won't mind. I am yet experiencing problems with my scanner setup (Visioneer 8700 USB). I'd found my driver disk and, when I attempted to install my unit, this is the error message that I received:

The file 'wiafbdrv'.dll' on windows driver cabinet is needed. Type the path where the file is located, and then click OK.

The driver disk was all that I, once, needed - and I don't know anything about going anywhere else. I have done a system restoration twice. already, and the same situation is yet being experienced. Does anyone know how I can turn this around (and in laymen's terms please)?

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On another note, I keep getting this pop up from a program that is a part of my computer's software package - and I would like to get rid of it. Here it is:

Now, I am thinking that I must install all three of these programs, then uninstall them in order to get rid of the annoying reminder pop-ups. I have even clicked on (numerous times) the "Don't remind me" button, but this does not make a difference. Any thoughts? Or have I already nailed the corrective answer?


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Default Re: More error message.

It seems like you have something from intermute installed on your computer, and its being very mean to you, it could be working off a principle of spyware. Run Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition 1.06 and spywaredoctor and microsoft anti spyware (all found on www.download.com). Also go to "start > control panel > add or remove programs" and uninstall anything from intermute. (Unless you use one of their security features like a firewall or antivirus from them, then youll have to consider switching firewalls or antivirus and then uninstalling it). Also go to "start > run" and type in msconfig, then on the top of that new window click the tab that says startup, and unclick anything that has to do with intermute. Then go to "start > my computer > c: > program files" and look for anything from intermute and delete (once again unless u need it for security purposes, then youll have to switch secuirty systems then uninstall it to avoid putting your computer at greater risk). If you do all that, that popup should go away.

About your drivers, go to start > control panel > system, then click the hardware tab, and then click device manager. click on the plus sign next to "Univeral Serial Bus Connectors", their should be something with a yellow exclamation mark over the icon for it. That is your scanner. If their is more then one, read the name to find out which one is your scanner. If you cant figure out which one it is, list them and ill tell you which one it is. Right click on your scanner and press "update driver". In the wizard allow windows to search the internet for updates, hit next and tell the wizard from a specific location. Then on the next page hit browse, and then select then drive that your driver cd is located in. Then hit next and that should install the drivers for that. The cd though should have an autorun that installs the drivers from the cd. So try that.

Karma/rep is always appreciated
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Hi there, Mayor ~

And thanks for responding. You know, there is absolutely NOTHING that can be found anywhere on my system - save for that very aggravating pop-up . It is so strange that no reference to Intermute is not resting in my program file area, nor in the "Add/Remove" section in the control panel - and I have no understanding for that.

As you will also see from the following captured screen area

there was no yellow exclamation mark over any of references. Why the driver disk isn't handling the job of installation, as it should, is totally beyond me. A formatting of my system would, undoubtedly, be the answer for me, but I can't even do that. There was no dedicated OS disk which came with my system, and I am left with just the system restoration's limited (in this case) abilities. Someone had recently directed me to a location, on my system, where a 'Format' command could be found. Now, my computer has a 160GB harddrive which is partitioned into a 4+GB D-drive, and the balance for the C-drive. What I thought was interesting is the fact that the 'Format" command was darkened for the D (smallest) drive, but not so for the C (largest) drive. Or is that the way it is supposed to be?
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