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Old 04-29-2006, 12:31 PM   #1
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Default Monitor/video card problems?

Alright, my specs (from memory, as the comp itself is unusable atm):

-Intel P4 2.9ghz
-Corsair DDR2 RAM, 3x 512mb
-ASUS Radeon X700 64mb graphics card
-WD 250GB HD
-Generic 15" CRT monitor (six years old, probably the source of the problem)

So basically, I was working on some project for school the other night when my computer froze. I rebooted, and although the comp itself booted up fine, the monitor was stuck on that flashing green light phase that happens when the comp itself isn't on but the monitor is. So, I powered down and unplugged the monitor and came back an hour later. This time, it booted up just fine -- but about 10-15 seconds into the boot process, the computer froze again. This kept happening: the monitor would only come on after the system was suitably powered down first. Also, upon freezing, if I turned the monitor off, and then back on, the blinking green light/warmup phase would occur, as if the computer wasn't reading the monitor.

These are all pretty new parts that have had no prior problems, but the monitor is outdated (from my last machine), and I believe it's reaching the end point of a CRT's life span. That known, I bought a nice new LCD from Newegg, and I'm waiting on its delivery. I have no other monitors at home that I can test anything with, so my question to any of you who have experienced anything similar to this: is it a monitor or a video card problem? I assume it's monitor, but I could be wrong.

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Default Re: Monitor/video card problems?

Try a new video card to see.

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Default Re: Monitor/video card problems?

take the video card out and and uninstall drivers. try using the onboard video on the mobo.
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