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Default Modem problems

Alright everyone! Get ready for a stumper......

Computer: Dell Inspiron 2600 w/ Windows XP (just reformated this stinking thing)

About a week ago we had a bad storm, with lightning striking all over the place. We have two phone lines one soley for the computers. After the storm the two desktops and the laptop shown above couldnt sign online. My dad messed with the phone lines and the Dell desktop downstairs could get online, but the two upstairs couldnt.

Neways I wipe the Laptops HD and reinstall drivers and stuff. Turns out the Laptop still cant sign on, And froze when AOL tried to dial up for access #'s. I got on the dell and searched for an update for the driver. Grrrr.

Driver: Actiontec MD56ORD V92 MDC Version Conexant Systems, Inc.

I found a site that said the driver on the Dell resource CD would crash your PC. Yepee. so i DL another one, and install it. Well AOL doesnt crash now, but it still cant connect. sits there and tries to dail. then says it detects no dial tone. So I exit AOL and go and search for some better driver.

Now it gets confusing. While the Laptop is connected to the jack, no phones or modems on any of the other computers can get a dial tone!

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Default Re: Modem problems

well this IS a rather interesting situation. So can you take the laptop downstairs and dial up using that phone line. I guessing you already tried that.

Lets see you said lightning, was you computer on at the time of this storm and was it connected to a usp or whatever. I know modems are fairly easy to fry in with lightning and power outages.

One solution would be setting up a wireless network for all your computers that way you could use your downstairs computer to run the internet.

Modem drivers are the most horrible things on earth I cant stand them. A month ago before I had wireless broadband i was using dialup. Turns out the drivers packaged with it didnt work at all. I spent hours to find drivers. I eventually paid some modem site $2 for drivers that they had compiled then it worked fine.

So you can recognize the modem. If you go to manage and look at the modem does it tell you that its working properly.

This is really strange it worked but then all the sudden it died. If it wasnt so strange I would just say it was the drivers because problems like these are usually caused by poor drivers but...

One other possibility is that its the phone line. Its pricy but you could always have a phone company guy come by and make sure everything is working right.

Once we crossed the wires and it shorted out the phone line. We eventually got a tech to come fix it.

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Default Re: Modem problems

Are you on dial up? even tough with all the dialing busines you can still i have broadband, heck knows anyway. It be funny if your dad didnt put the microfilters back in the phone sockets It isnt that right?
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