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Default mobo temps higher than cpu, cpu temps higher than core o_O;;;;;;

Does that make any sense or do i not know what I'm doing o_o;

i have a p5n-e, e6600@2.8ghz + tuniq tower

asusprobe saying cpu@40, MB@50. Coretemp saying cores at 34-35, speefan agrees.

w/ orthos: cpu@46, MB@50. Coretemp saying cores at 57-58, speedfan agrees. o_O;;

motherboard says idle temps @40-42 o_o;;

room temp isn't the best is like 24. I have a 120mm intake which is pretty much blocked by my hdds, and i have a ghetto rigged 80 mm fan where my drive bay converter thingy is going to be when it gets here.

edit!: I took the side door off and ran a huge room fan on high straight at the mobo for about 3 minutes and the mobo temps on asusprobe dropped from 50-44, cpu dropped 1 degree, core temps dropped 1 degree.

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Default Re: mobo temps higher than cpu, cpu temps higher than core o_O;;;;;;

Well 24C/75F isn't a bad room temp. Really your temps are fine. I'm assuming your running 1.35Vcore for 2.8ghz correct? If memory serves me right with that Vcore on my E6600/Zalman9700@ roughly 2.8-2.9 range I idle at 31C under full load around 43C. Thats cooler days though. Right now i'm running a summer clock @ 3300MHz (1.4125Vcore) for the really hot days. When I say hot i'm talking 32.2C/90F I idle around 42-44C and under prime go as high as 67C Granted thats nothing to worry about nothing stress's a cpu like prime max game loads/benching it reachs like 61C. That same spec at nighttime when the temps drop in the 21.22C/70F range I idle at 34-36C and load around 48-49C I use Everest to monitor temps. You can create log files and monitor both cores and the overall. The 67C I quoted was overall the actual cores never got above 63C on hot days.

I don't recommend running with your case fan off! You PC is a huge dust magnet man. You'll have all your fans covered in crap so fast you wouldn't believe. Asus PCprobe is junk trust me. Make sure you have the latest bios when I had mine I was getting really low temps because the bios was not reading the correct temps. After a bios update PCprobe jumped up 10C.

Intel max is 60.1C although most say 65C technically it doesn't throttle till 85C. As long as you stay between 60-65C you'll be alright at full 100% load.

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Default Re: mobo temps higher than cpu, cpu temps higher than core o_O;;;;;;

true but you think with a tuniq tower cooler it would be much lower. check to see if you put it on correctly.

did you use thermal paste??
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