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Default Mobo?Sound Card? Video Card?

question......my montior is my HDTV 42 inches. and i am wondering. for the longest time i have had it hooked up. i first had it hooked up i have a graphics card with 2x dvi ports and 1x s video cable. i have 2 adaptors. 1 changes the DVI to VGA and thats how i initialy had it set up but then i put the other adaptor on that changes it from DVI to HDMI and thats currently how its set up. only problem is that i always have to use COMPUTER speakers not tv speakers.....and new graphics cards are coming out that have HDMI ports and mobos with hdmi ports. and from what i know the only difference between HDMI and DVI is that HDMI does audio and video in HD dvi is just video. so then how do graphics cards have HDMI ports? do they work? or do they just do video? also if you had a HDMI in your MOBO would you still get the graphics settings from your graphics card? since your plugged into your mobo? soo should i be using my dvi to hdmi adaptor? the vga? s-video? thanks for anyone who can answer me ! on any of my questions

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Default Re: Mobo?Sound Card? Video Card?

You should use the HDMI adapter. If its an ATI HD series card, you will have to install the realtek HDMI audio driver. If its nvidia, I'm not sure, but they should have one too.

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Default Re: Mobo?Sound Card? Video Card?

eh i went and spend 10$ and got a stero cable! :d

but since getting the cable i have set it up via VGA because the VGA port on my tv has a hole next to it with a little audio jack and i plugged it in. but i also have a cord that one end is audo jack ect for computer and the other is a red and white composite on the other end tv ect and on my tv i have 4 HDMI and then on the end of one it shows 2 composite holes white and red so i would assume that i could plug in HDMI into the hole next to the composite and then plug the composites in and then the audio jack into the tv and it would just work? im not sure. i took the audio cable i just got and just moved it from my computer to my mp3 player to see if it worked and it played through the tV so i tried plugging it in through the HDMi composites and nothing happened. i tried all 4 hdmi ports. any ideas? am i retarted?

:edit: the only reason i ask is that VGA doesnt support 1080p setting and after having it for so long it kinda is annoying not to have it!
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