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Default mobo prob

hi all,

i recently purchased a mobo and CPU and im having problems installing it. ive seen it workin at a mates house so i know it worked.

asus k8v se deluxe
3.4 athlon 64 and heatsink
radeon 9800 pro
1 gig pc3200
400 PSU

i think i may hav blown the darn thing lol.... 1st time i tried to boot nothing happened doh, upon closer inspection i noticed i had 1 of those jumper thing me bobs for led's, power button etc on the wrong place...doh...i put it right and my comp booted and beeped like a so n so. ok i had to go back and check those jumper thing me bobs again,i did that then rebooted. i got to dos and it said i hadnt a keyboard or mouse plugged in, they were.anyway i hit the reset button....hmmmm..... and now when i boot im not getting to dos.there is definatly power goin to the mobo as the fans are working but thats it.

anybody plz gimmie some advice plz. ( lol the best advice is prolly not to do these things myself )

oh lol i phoned pcworld 2 ask about them having a look but they wanted 70quid and i thought bollox ill try n sort this myself and if worst comes to worst i will just buy a new mobo. wot im most concerned about is the CPU

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