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Exclamation Mobo Help!!

My computer seems to have crashed and i do not know what is wrong. First of all, i built this computer myself, it has an AMD Athlon 2100+ with a mobo that came in a combo set, which is about 10-11 months old. I have a geforce2 vid card, a 10.2G HD for my OS, and i use a 120G for all my storage. I have a cd burner and a dvd burner. Also, i typically leave my computer on for long spans of time.

Now it started when i made the mistake of letting some people use my computer during a dinner party at my house. The next night, a navy blue screen appeared that said something like ' windows has detected a crash and has turned off windows to protect your PC' it said that if it was the first time, remove any newly installed HD and or software. It said other things and a lengthy coded message which i was unable to copy down. On the bottom it said something like 'beginning physical dump of memory.' Since i had not installed anything in a very long time, i decided to turn it off and let is sit, and try to reboot. So after i booted it up again, it remained at the screen 'Checking NVRAM....' It did not do anything else. So thinking that the problem lay with the memory, i removed it and reinserted it, and it worked. However, the same blue screen happened less than 24 hrs later. I was told that i needed to reset the CMOS, which i did. Since i thought that the problem was solved, i left my computer on. Again, not too long later the same thing happened. So once again i tried to reset the CMOS, thinking that it did not reset the first time. However once i tried to start the computer, it was not able to detect ANY of my four drives.

Now, just several days ago, we realized that someone had obtained one of our credit card numbers and used it in great britain. So after that i realized that there is spyware on my computer, which probably made my computer crash, which was installed onto my computer by one of the people using my PC during that dinner party. (When i had managed to start the computer after the inital incident, my dad had used my computer to order something online.) Now i am not sure what i need to do to fix it, whether it is a mobo problem, or something else. What can i do? Also, where does the spyware install? In the registry? On OS files? Or does it spread? Basically i am wondering if my second 120G HD that i use for storage is still safe to use.


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Default Re: Mobo Help!!

Two problems may exist here. That blue screen you got that was issued at boot up is known as a stop code. Now, you may have noticed long numbers similar to this:

{0x00000100001AFF,0x00000110001AFF, 0x00000110101CFF}

This stop code signifies a portion of the RAM that has corrupted. However, be thankful the RAM did corrupt. Certain spywares try to rewrite themselves my caching in the RAM as an executable script (a virulent script as some may know it). What will happen as a protection basis is the RAM will not allow certain sectors to be written to in order to stop a massive corruption across the sheet discharge plate.

In order to start the PC properly, you need to first discharge the RAM. First, unplug the PC. Then hold down the power button for 45 secs, then open the side panel and remove the CMOS battery for 20 secs while still holding down the power button. Then remove the RAM. Then put the RAM back in, battery back in, start the PC, and enter the BIOS. Hold down CTRL, ALT, A, then hit enter once. Then type this in EXACTLY as you see it:


Then hit enter. Let go of CTRL, ALT and A now. Then go into your RAM settings and correct any timings you need to correct. The sheet discharge protection should now be cleared and the transistor lockers will reopen to the locked sectors. Once you get into Windows in SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING, go to this URL:


Download and RUN stinger on the PC, and get rid of anything it finds. Then go to this link and DL and RUN this:


RUN it and clean everything up. Now, here is the important part. The RAM is cleared, but the CPU L2 Cache can still be infected by a variant trojan virulent script. If this is the case, it can redownload without you even knowing. To clear the L2 cache in windows, hold down CTRL ALT and A together once again IN WINDOWS on the main desktop screen. Hit enter TWICE while holding them. Type 1010101 and hit enter TWICE. Release all keys. You are done. See if that fixes it.

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First, thank you for that response.

Second, I have gotten all the way to the Stinger phase, which is currently being run, however it is taking a very very long time. I am not sure whether safe mode is supposed to be this slow or not, but it is taking forever. Would it be unsafe to run Stinger and spybot under normal windows, assuming i can get it to boot? If safe mode is not supposed to perform this slow, what can i do? My screensaver also continues to execute, which slows down the computer even more, however i cannot seem to change those settings under safe mode. I will update as Stinger progresses....thank you again, VERY much!
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