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Default Mobile Work Station

Currently I work from home, but in 3 months i will be working in a new office.
i work about 14-17 hours a day and will still have an office at home. My problem is I work for myself and don't have to much technical knowhow when it comes to networking and the best way to manage my data.

I want to have two complete workstations, one at home and one at my office, and i want both to be identical. ie anything i save at work i want to be able to access from home computer. and if i change something or modify it from home i want it to be available at work. So basically just one harddrive that has everything on it but is accessible from home or work.

I don't know how i would set something like this up. i have 2 ideas on how this could work, but if either one of these is pointless and there is a better way to do this please let me know.

1) Buy a laptop that i can carry with me everywhere and have a workstation with a flat monitor, wireless mouse, ergonomic keyword at home and identical one at work. So i just carry the laptop with me to work, plug it in and then take it home and plug it in to these devices and i can work. So all my data is in one place, the laptop. The laptop would be the main device with two workstations i can plug it into so i can have a nicer setup (working for me on a laptop is just to uncomfortable.

I have read or heard about something that you can actually plug into your computer that will run all your programs for you. So i can plug this device into anyones computer and it will be just like my main computer, have all my settings prefrences and data and programs. Is this out yet?

2) Is there a way to connect from my homecomputer to my office computer and be able to access my outlook, all my programs, so its as if im on my main computer at work and all work i do on my home computer is actually being saved to the computer at work?

Most important thing is that no matter where im at, work or home, i want to have access to anything i might have saved or changed.

HOpe this is clear and if anyone has any ideas i would love to hear them.

At work we will have 6 computers. i don't know if there is a way to set up all the computers so data is shared on all 6 and the one from my home?

If i posted this in the wrong area, sorry.

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Default Re: Mobile Work Station

Ermm..the only things I can think of at the moment are these:

1. Arrange to set up a Wide Area Network, sometimes slow, but does what ur looking for

2. Remote control program Logmein, VNC. Logmein is good, can be free, or you can pay for it.


Its web browser controlled, and the thing u install to control the computers is safe and clean. read more on the web
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