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Default Mic Problem


I recently purchased a computer and got the shop to build it for me seeing how I have felt pretty lazy. Anyways, I am not too bad with computers, but havent been able to solve this problem. I recently purchased a new microphone, it worked for a bit, then stopped, I tested out another mic, and it doesnt work either, they are desktop mics not headsets. But I have had mic problems even with my old computer so I think its something in my settings.

I currently have an ASUS P5N-D 750i
I am currently using these audio drivers: Realtek_HDAudio_v51005506
I am currently using this mic: http://www.ncix.com/products/index.p...=ZALMAN%20TECH

Please help

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Default Re: Mic Problem

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling your drivers? Did you open the Volume Control, go to Options, Properties, Click Recording, Check the Microphone option, Click OK, and Check the "Select" box under Microphone? Sometimes microphones are muted by default and "selecting" the option will unmute them.

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Default Re: Mic Problem

Yes, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, it still doesn't work. Also when I go to volume options I don't know if its like this on every other sound card, but mine only Playback selected, with the other 2 options not able to check, and this is because I have 2 mixer devices, Realtek HD audio output, and Realtek HD audio input, when I hit the Audio output, in the scroll list, MIC is checked and it lets me adjust it, it still didn't work, so I went to microphone boost and it just made a continuous high pitch beep. So I went to the input and it brings me to recording, I selected MIC, but it doesn't let me adjust it, its blacked out.

*UPDATE* I went in my ventrilo, and it is working now, i dont know what I did, but apparently I am really loud and the mic is shitty, I even tried changing the mic volume, I even muted it and they could still hear me. It worked like 2 hours ago, it was clear, and not too loud, but then everything just fucked up, its really starting to get annoying because every time I buy something or get something new it fucks up....just bad luck

New update it works. The sound is much better, its just that now when I talk and hold my mic down , they can hear themselves clearly through me & at the same time it gets staticy. This is the same problem I have had along before I fixed my mic not working. I have tried changing volumes.
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