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Default Re: memory question

okey. but i found out now that i only have 32 bit. so that was not good
meybe thats why the SIW program im using is saying maximum of about 4 gb of ram?
so is that the total of memory i can have? 4gb?

meny say so much different. some say 3gb and some say 3.25gb nd some say 3.5gb.

what is realy the truth??

i could also say that im thinking of baying this
Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 1GB GDDR5

i have some problems with my nvidia card.

but wouldent the new card also need a bit more ram? since in the nvidia it onlly takes 0.5gb.

thanks all of you exsperts

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Default Re: memory question

The nvidia card has RAM that the OS gives it to help. that's why it says it uses 0.5 GB RAM. If you get a x64 OS, try Windows 7. It works great.

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Default Re: memory question

i downloaded a program called prosess explorer. and there i can se all the cpu and ram usage at all time.

and i dont have eny big special programs that i use on my pc.

and under normal usage with some small programs like antivius runing and with around 5 to 7 webpages up i have the cpu usage from 6% to 35 %. this value is offcourse changing all the time. but its there about.
the memory usage is pretty stable, in the same situation as above
the memory is around 23 %

and when i loaded the pc some harder. like doing all the things above including,lets say play a
HD klipp in highest quality,on youtube the nubers is verry different

the cpu jumps up and down from 40% and 70%

and the memory around 27%

and if i load a game the on i tryed was csi. i dont know if you know that on,but ill guess its maybe around a midrage game,of what it uses on power.
i loaded it and i pressed the alt and tab key so i could get back i windows when the game is running in the background.

and at the same time i did that, i also did all the thing as above inlcuded the hd video on youtube the numbers was this

the cpu wasfrom 90% to 100%
and memory 32%

in the prosesser explorer program it sead that that was physical memory that i have writen her now.

so as i could se the memory should be plenty. eaven with all that i tryed i realy runned the pc hard,and still so low memory usage.
and i never use it so hard at normal.

but the cpu usage is a different thing thoght.

so meybe a realy dont need more memory?

what do you think?

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