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Default Memory/processor fsb Question

I am going to be building a new computer soon. I am wanting to purchase the "DFI LP UT NF680I LT SLI-T2 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i LT SLI ATX Intel Motherboard". I am also going to be getting the Intel e6700. It has a FSB of 1066mhz. Do I need to get DDR2 1066 to match the processors FBS to get the best speed out of it? The reason I ask is because I had my eye looking a a DDR2 800 memory for a while, but then realized the processor had an FSB of 1066mhz. I am looking into either getting the ocz 800 or 1066. Could you help me out and explain a little. I appreciate it VERY much for the help.

If I were to get this board, how does this look?
(The link above is DDR2 1100... would this work in the board above, even though the board says 1066? Would the memory actually be 1100 then, or would it match the speed of the fsb of the processor?)

Once again, greatly appreciate any help.

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Default Re: Memory/processor fsb Question

Having DDR2 800 will not slow down the processor.

As a side note, DDR2 800 is really the highest most motherboards run RAM before overclocking so getting anything rated above DDR2 800 is kind of pointless unless you want a guarantee that it will work when over-clocked.

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Default Re: Memory/processor fsb Question

yep, and ddr2 800 is the max speed that the mobo supports.
So even if you would get ddr2 1066 it would be running at 800mhz. Overclocking would be quite much easier though.
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