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Old 05-22-2005, 09:31 PM   #1
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Angry Memory Problems

I reciently built a new system and now when I tried to add another 512mb of RAM the system wont reconize it.
My system is:Chaintech VNF3-250 Zenith Value Edition Mobo
AMD Sempron 2800 socket 754
XFX nVidia FX 5200 8x APG
Segate 200Gb S-ATA 150 Hard Drive
Windows XP Pro
512Mb Ultra PC3200 400MHz DDR (what I started with)
512Mb Viking PC3200 400MHz DDR (new)

My computer does not have any trouble when all the memory is installed it just simply doesn't reconize 1024Mb of memory just 512Mb.
I have tried running with just the Ultra or just the Viking memory without problems and tried running the memory in difrent slot configurations 1&2,1&3 With both sticks in each slot MoBo book doesn't suggest slots 2&3 unless it is "in single sided module"(I dont know what that means).
The only thing that I see difrent in the memory is the Ultra uses sixteen 32Mb modules on both sides of the card while the viking uses eight 64Mb modules on one side of the card (is this single sided ?)

PS. I bought the Viking memory over the Ultra when I upgraded b/c it was $10 cheeper

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Old 05-22-2005, 10:03 PM   #2
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Default Re: Memory Problems

Have you used Everest or CPU ID? they will let you know which Slots your ram is installed into further more i would simply start switching ram untill it registers. Well if you had a mobo like mine, if you had your ram in the wrong spot, the damn thing wouldnt boot and tell you Switch your ram to 1-3 not 1-2. lol but yeah I would pull one out, run it. then do it with the other one. If they both regester with 512mb a peice, go ahead and stick them back in and switch them around till they work. If this happens it may be a compatability problem. Which is card of hard to determine.

PS Saveing 10$ or Spending 10$.......... Headach, no headach..... Remember when it comes to computers and someone new to them apparently like you and Me. I would always stick with a matchnig pair or the same name brand always. never would i think of going something other then my balistix unless i got completely new ram. Just food for though not trying to be a male sexual organ or nothing. Im just saying stick with the brands that you know work.

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Default Re: Memory Problems

Duzz is right on there! You should always match your ram sticks to what you know works in your system. I think that what you have is a compatabillity conflict.
Your system doesn't in order to upgrade to the 1 gig you will either need a single stick or a matched pair for dual mode.
as it is it looks like you have 1 stick as non ECC and 1 stick as ECC and that won't work. Either stick will work singly but conflict when installed together.
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Old 05-23-2005, 06:47 AM   #4
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Thanks for the help and I guess i learned my lession for trying to save $10.
By the way Do you think the Ultra or Viking memory is better, and should I get 1 stick of 1024 (same brand as one of my existing) or another stick of 512 the same brand as of one of my existing sticks? Are 2 sticks of 512 better than 1 stick of 1024 or does it matter?
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