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Default Memory Problem

I know this really doesnt have anything to do with processors, but it does have to do with memory, im working with an old school gateway that Im tryin to bring back to life... ive replaced the hard drive, added a dvr in it and a wireless card. I am tryin to reload windows in it, but am unable to boot up through the setup screen. I am gettin an error that reads as this... A memory module serial presence detect device data is missing or inconclusive. Properly programmed SPD device data is required for reliable operation, system cannot boot.
If you guys know anything about this or what memory it might be.. just give me some input thanks

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Default Re: Memory Problem

TTT Does anyone have any ideas?

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Default Re: Memory Problem

Well i'm not an expert when it comes to memory, but i would check to make shure the memory stick was seated properly.

1)Also can you get into bios?, and see if bios is detecting the memory stick.
You could also try flashing the cmos by taking out the sm. battery the size of a nickle and after 5-minutes or so put it back in.(make shure your comp.is un-plugged before doing this)

2)after that move the little jumper over to the other prong. Next to the battery should be the 3-pronge jumper. move it over to the oposite side.

plug back in, and reboot, it should say that cmos was reset and to now move the jumper back over to the other side.

i would also take out the wireless card, you can add that later after you get windows installed onto it.

repeat step 2) / then reboot with the CD in the drive, and install windows using the system restore option from the CD.

Good luck with it, hope you can revive the old comp.
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