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Default Memory Issue

Hello guys, I was hoping someone could shed some light on my little situation here, basically I got a new rig for Xmas it's a

Q300 Intel Quad Core 2.5GHZ CPU
2x2GB Vdata DDR2 Memory sticks = 4GB
9800GT Nvidia PCI-E 1GB Graphics Card
550W PSU

Basically the problem I'm having here is yesterday for some reason my PC started to Blue Screen, it kept doing it, then at one point it just wouldn't get past the XP loading point, everytime XP went to load it would just blue screen then restart, I've been scratching my head thinking about what the issue could be, I start running a series of tests.

I firstly tried re formatting, (Full Format) and nothing, it wouldn't even finish that, it would format then when it come to copying files over then the restart it wouldn't get any further, after trying again, still not glory. I then realised that it was something to do with my memory as everytime it came for the memory to do some work it wouldn't have any of it.

The next thing I tried was swapping the memory around, making sure it was snug and comfortable, still no joy, I then decided to take out one 2GB stick and presto, it worked, it installed XP on my system and loaded up fine, I then tried to stick the other stick back in and still no joy.

I thought it was a dodgy memory stick at first, or a slot in the motherboard, however after trying both memory sticks individually on their own in each slot I realised it wasn't the case, they both work fine ON THEIR OWN. But together they just don't like it. The weird thing is, is that I got this computer as a bundle and it came together like that, I added the HDD and Graphics card and optical drives. and the two memory sticks are exactly the same.

A friend of mine too also has the same rig as me and his works fine.... what could be the issue here?

thanks for reading guys, hope to hear from someone.

I've also just realised I think I'm running 32 bit edition of XP on my machine, and I'm aware that there is a limit of 3gb or so for 32bit editions, however, doesn't explain how my friend is still running fine on a 32 bit edition and how mine was alright for a bit then just stopped working.

also would a limit cap really make my PC blue screen and what not?
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