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Default Memory Compatability

Hi guys, first post here. I'm building my first computer ever. Now, I consider myself pretty good with computers, I'm not about to work as tech support or anything, but I can sometimes help my buddies out with problems. However, whenever I've gotten a computer it's came fully built, and upgrades were done by the people who worked at the store where I bought the upgrades. I hope building a computer will help improve my computer knowledge and be fun.

My question is as follows:

So far I have gotten the PSU, CD/DVD drive, processer, and mobo. The mobo is the following:


Now, the description says it supports DDR2 800 memory.

However, when I search for processers via newegg or outpost, it seperates the different memory into DDR2 XXX (PC XXXX).

I looked through the guide that came with the mobo, but all it said was about DDR2 800/667/xxx/xxx

Does the PC XXXX part of the memory matter, as long as I get a DDR2 with an XXX of 800 or lower?

Can I use DDR memory (or is DDR2 a lot better?)?

Is a higher PC XXXX # just mean the memory is better then a lower one?

Much thanks.

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Default Re: Memory Compatability

ddr2 is a lot faster than regular ddr (the higher the number the better/faster)...ddr2 800 is always going to be pc6400 so really just worry about the ddr2 800 part. i think ddr2 667 will have a couple that are 5300 and the rest are 5400 but ull be able to tell which one's right because thats what the majority will be. i would suggest getting ddr2 800 which is always going to be pc6400
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