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Default Re: Medium vs. High Quality Screenshots

FEAR is more GPU then CPU, and there is no way you can run it at high allenn812, i only get around 60-70 FPS on MAX and that drops TONS on multiplayer.

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Default Re: Medium vs. High Quality Screenshots

Originally Posted by Ziirou Requin
Running something at a higher resolution also makes the graphics better?

Can't the graphics look just as good on a lower res., especially if a card isn't powerful enough to fully support a larger resolution? Kind've like how a smaller size TV has a naturally sharper image when compared to a big one?
It doesn't make the graphics better, it just makes them look better since there is more pixels on the screen.
Like a screen having 1024x768 as it's resolution has 786 000 pixels, and if the resolution is 1600x1200 it will have 1 900 000 pixels.
So then the pixels are smaller, and therefore the graphics look smoother.

U can try it for fun, take some game. Put it in the highest detail settings. Then put the max resolution. Then keep the detail settings but change it to the smallest resolution. See any difference?

And the resolution also has a big effect in performance, high resolutions need alot from the vid card.

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