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Default Massive HD Problem

About a week ago I shut down a program in XP and up pops the critical error blue screen. Something like Critical Boot Error @ ______ I forget what. Typical really. Ive grown to expect them in XP. So I go to my secondary drive and do what I always do. I overwrite the primary windows directory with the secondary's directory. Sloppy? Yes, but it works....every other time. I do the copy and reboot with my primary and it goes through the 2nd. It shouldnt do that because I told it to boot from the primary, right? Right. But what if the computer doesnt reconize the primary anymore?
So here is what I have. Im on my backup secondary trying to access my primary and windows wont do it. I can go under Disk Manager and look at it and know its there, but it file system is unreconized and it wont give it a drive letter. So what does that mean? I cant access it through DOS, windows, or any boot method I try. Ive downloaded countless HD repair programs and most all of them fail and lock up. When I use one of the programs, it will acknowledge that there are files there but wont do anything about them. One other thing, the CMOS and BIOS configs will confirm that the drive is there and all the info about the drive is displayed.
The only thing Ive come up with is that the file system is screwed because I somehow installed a different type of XP on my secondary and when I copied it to my primary...it screwed it all up.
I cant format the drive because I have years of irreplacable and priceless infomation. I have to repair it somehow.
Can anyone please tell me if I have diagnosed it correctly and what I might be able to do...Im going mad trying to fix it. Its all Ive been doing for the past week.

EDIT:One other thing, If i can just access the drive through any means so that I can copy it to my other drive, it would suffice. I just need to get to the files any way I can.

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Default Re: Massive HD Problem

If you can't read the drive in windows then it is gone. It will still display in the BIOS but you can't access it. Try installing windows onto it again. Then you will be able to get your documents back.

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it wont let me because i thinks the drive/partition is full. it says it has to format it first. I even tried installing an the old 3.11 version
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