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Default Making a bluetooth printer?

Ok, i have a bluetooth adapter on my laptop, and my printer is in the other room because i have no room on my desk.

If i buy a usb male to female converter, and another bluetooth adapter, could i put the converter and the adapter on the printer, and access it from my laptop? the printer is connectd to the wall for power.

just wondering, if not it's fine.. i'd also want to do this with a usb hub that also connects to the wall for power..

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Default Re: Making a bluetooth printer?

that would actually be really cool if you did
give it a shot and let us know how it works
unless anyone else knows better

If you think you can, you CAN! If you think you cant, your right.
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Default Re: Making a bluetooth printer?

i would, but i need other stuff worse..

i was thinking abou this, but i figured, if the printer doesn't know how to send stuff via bluetooth, it only knows how to receive input from a computer... so, i don't think it would work, but if someone else tries and succeeds, i'll do it, but i doubt it'd work.. if it did, we would have already learned about it by now..
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Default Re: Making a bluetooth printer?

No - that won't work I'm afraid.

USB devices are generally designed to be either hosts (such as the ports on a PC or NAS) or clients (such as a printer, bluetooth dongle etc.) You need to have the correct drivers so the host knows how to talk to a client and what data to receive back from it etc., it's a fairly complicated procedure that's made quite simple from a user's perspective.

There's also the more basic issue of power - the hosts provide the 5V that power things such as bluetooth dongles, your printer won't provide that power to the dongle so it won't even switch on.

Plug two clients into each other, such as a bluetooth dongle and a printer, and even if you could get the power there somehow you'll find that none of them know what to do with each other - both are expecting to be told what to do and to be given instructions, and neither of them know how to talk to the other one. At least that's putting it very simply.

Hat's off for thinking outside the box though, I do admire people that are willing to try different things and poke around just to see if they can get something working that's new and cool!
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