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Default Re: Mac vs. Dell

mac runs windows slowly
and aint good for gaming

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Default Re: Mac vs. Dell

Yeah, I was thinking of getting one at IBuyPower. They seems cheap for the power they give.

eMac w/ Mac OS X 10.4.5, 1.25GHz, 768MB DDR Ram, 40GB harddrive, and an ATI Radeon 9200.

Dell desktop w/ 3.2GHz, possible 2GB DDR Ram, 120GB harddrive, and Intel Extreme.
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Default Re: Mac vs. Dell

i have to admit the new Mac OS 10 is alot better than the previous os' i'm still using 9.2 at school on some computers and it pisses me off
but OS X is pretty stable and runs nicely i must say
AMD Athlon XP 2600+ Barton (running @ 2.21)--Asus A7N8X --1gb (2x512) DDR PC3200 --200gb WD 8mb cache 7200 RPM--40gb WD 2mb cache 5200 RPM --XFX GeForce 6600GT AGP 8x @ 588\1.14 --Creative Audigy2 7.1 ZS--CoolMax 400 wat PSU-- --Volcano 12+ CPU Fan--Overclocking Kit--Logitech Z-5300e's
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Default Re: Mac vs. Dell

Originally Posted by Sahed
Haha, I know it's not true, but it's still funny.
Lol. They always have fat old guys for Windows and young cool guys for Macs on the commericials lol
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Default Re: Mac vs. Dell

Originally Posted by alvino
Oh and if you're really going to get the Macbook and you're looking for good performance, just run Windows XP instead of Mac OS X. It's been proven by Maximum PC that Intel powered Macs run Windows XP faster than Mac OS X in EVERY app they tested. That included games, photoshop, EVERYTHING they tested, heck even apps that were Mac Universal certified ran on Windows XP better than Mac OS X.
this is a very important bit of info. When Apple released its products featuring the intel processors, it wasnt a hundred percent great decision, BECAUSE all the optimizing that apple had done for creative applications like photoshop on their older architecture was thrown out the window.
Apple's current OS does NOT have the capabilities to run all the applications faster than PC core duo notebooks. We'll really be able to compare PC. vs. APPLE core duo when the new Mac OS comes out.
Although Apple's promise of improved compatibility for the new Intel cpus is great, I for one dont have the time to wait and see. Especially because I do graphic design, and 3d stuff, and those are ironically the applicationis that run slower on the Intel Macs.

The Intel Core Duo match has been won by PCs, the next match is the new OSs. My bet is Apple will regain authority with its new OS despite Vista's capabilities.

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