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Question M/B cmos problem


I just bought a new M/B, replacement for an old NF2 msi that was having hardware problems. You can find this board here.
As you can see, no bad reviews that make sense (such as "This is quite possibly the worst motherboard I have ever purchased.Epox's online support is non-existant. I would avoid it like the plague."), and no reviews about defective products.

Well mine works great as well, but I have to reset the CMOS every single time I shutdown. I'll shutdown, power up again, and the screen never comes out of standby, my HDDs don't sound as if it was booting, etc. I clear the CMOS with the jumper, and it's perfect again. The only setting I change each time is the processor, because it reads my 2700+ as a 1500+ by default. The settings are something like: Multiplier [auto] , Frequency [100] , CPU Voltage [auto] and more voltage settings underneath (greyed out). I've tried manually setting all of these to the standards, as well as just changing the frequency to 166. If I do leave it at 1500+, I still have the same problem, so obviously it's not part of the issue.

I've also changed the battery, I've tried two others that I know are working. The battery holder on this M/B is badly designed, it leaves it a little loose... it's still secure against the board though.

Like I said, it runs perfect while on, no problems whatsoever. But I don't enjoy clearing the CMOS constantly. And it forces me to keep my computer out and open. Could it possibly be the video card, some kind of compatibility issue?

Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated, I don't want to have to RMA. Thank you in advance!

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Default Re: M/B cmos problem

erm hmmm thats a brain teezer there could be a problem withj windows very common ....make sure the jumpers are place corestly onto the cmos pins and make sure no dust is in there thats all i can suggest soz....only other thing is leave your pc on lol

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Default Re: M/B cmos problem

Wasnt a Windows problem, although I did have to run a repair install after the M/B installation. If it was wouldn't it at least make it to the Windows boot-up?

Anyway, I noticed it seemed like it completely starting up, and the monitor was just wasnt displaying anything. Even with changes the the BIOS it should just "not remember" the changes if it had a bad battery, and start up with default BIOS settings.

Well it wound up just being the video card, which worked fine with my previous motherboard. Compatibility issues I guess.

Thanks for the reply =)
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