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Default Loud PSU Fan

Hi, a couple of weeks ago i change my pc case and i took out the PSU and put it in a box. Now i've installed this PSU to another pc and when the fan kicks in it is REALLY loud. Not the swishing of air, it is like clicking... like somthing is stuck. I tried spraying compressed air on it. It doesn't do anything apart from make the fan decrease in speed because the compressed air cools the PSU down, but after 10 seconds the fan goes back up to speed and makes a horrible clicking noise.

THe really annoying thing is that I installed this PSU for 2 reasons:
1. The old PSU was making to much noise
2. Had a special 12v out plug on the back for some speakers for the pc

Any ideas how to fix it. I could wack a stick in it to stop it spining but then the pc might overheat :S


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Default Re: Loud PSU Fan

Just make sure there are no cables that could fault the fan blades.

Try operating the PSU out of the case if it's still noisy then remove the PSU cover and make sure there's nothing inside that's touching the blades.
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