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Default Looking for help building a gaming PC

Hi everyone. I've been trying to build or buy a pc for several years now, and every time I get close, I have a bit of an anxiety attack about spending money on something that won't run to my standards, or will have compatibility issues, or whatever. For awhile, I just wanted to drop a lot of money on a prebuilt for peace of mind but I could never get any help with it because everyone thought it was the end of the world if I bought a prebuilt. Instead of answering my questions, they would bombard me with hate and flaming.

I hate the idea of building my own PC for fear of having to troubleshoot it myself if something goes wrong, RMAing the wrong component, having compatibility issues, etc. But I've been running on an ancient PC for far too long and I NEED to have a good one before guild wars 2 comes out. I desperately need help finding good, COMPATIBLE parts, and maybe a few pointers that I might not get elsewhere, such as how dangerous it is to screw up in different ways (is it a huge deal if I somehow mess up the thermal paste, for instance).

I'm just paranoid, and mentally exhausted at the idea of getting my own parts only for something to go wrong and lose all my money. So please, don't post unless you have an extensive history with building PCs and are keeping up with the times.


Here is my criteria (yes I know it'll probably be tight, but if there was a lot of legroom I wouldn't need help):

- My budget is $1000, after shipping and taxes

- I'm CANADIAN, so .com websites are no good for me. Use newegg.ca or other .ca sites, otherwise the prices will be all wrong. Please keep this in mind as there are always people posting american products despite my warnings.

- I'm looking to run games such as Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, Fallout 3/NV, Skyrim, and whatever other RPGs that may come along in the next couple of years. I'd like them to run at 60 fps on high-max settings. Some dips in large towns and world vs world combat is fine, I know it would take a $3000 pc to run gw2 wvw at 60 fps at this point.

- Please please PLEASE select compatible parts. I've been screwed over before by incompatible parts, it's infuriating.

- I'm terrible at wrapping and sorting wired neatly, so when in doubt, select a nice roomy case for airflow. My current case is too small for my GPU so I have to take the side off and set the fan to run manually in CCC when playing games.

- I currently have an hd5770 video card, that might help you to pick out a cheaper video card to fit in the budget because I can crossfire them (once I learn how, hopefully it's as simple as installing them and attaching the bridge).

I know this is really pathetic of me to post like this, but I've just completely given up on my own ability to figure this out. Every time I THINK I've found something good, everyone picks it apart. So... I leave it in your hands.

Signed, a disgruntled impatient gamer who's really startin to lose it.

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Default Re: Looking for help building a gaming PC

You could probably go for:

I5 2500k
Cheap P67 Gigabyte mobo
4 - 8 Gigs DDR3 1333
Your 5770 + 6770 crossfire
Cheap Rosswill Case + 80+ PSU
Not Including Windows.

Just make sure you get a different heatsink for that Intel, I think this is what their currently shipping them with:
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