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Default Logitech G15 or Saitek Eclipse III keyboard?

Hi all, i wanted to choose one keyboard from these two. Since i can't find any normal reviews of Eclipse 3 with pros/ cons (!!) i wanted to ask in the forums. So what the pros/cons of that keyboard, what do you say? And i think G15 screen is completely not useful. So don't make that advantage. Thanks if you replyt here.

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Default Re: Logitech G15 or Saitek Eclipse III keyboard?

thats not a normal review? I think newegg reviews are pretty standard. If it was up to me to decide, I would take the Logitech due to their reputation in keyboard/mice. The Saitek does have a headphone jack on it which I find useful, don't know if you have a headphone jack elsewhere on your computer or if you use one at all. I don't see media buttons on the Saitek. I always listen to music when Im gaming and it gets annoying having to window out to change to next song etc. Overall I would take the Logitech for better reputation, quality, and usefulness. One thing that isnt as revelant is that you can brag about the G15 since everyone knows its an extreme gamer keyboard, but not as many people will value the Saitek as they value the G15, not a big deal, just another thing that might affect your decision.

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Default Re: Logitech G15 or Saitek Eclipse III keyboard?

Yea, i tought about quality, etc. and that's the point. I don't know anything about saitek, i don't trust it. That's why i'm asking people.

Well, actually some people don't like the touch panel. I don't think it's very good too, because you can't feel the buttons under the table when you want to change the song, etc.. Just as you said. But it is possible to do that anyways. Well, the pros of this keyboard is that you can choose color with your mood and brithness too. And 2 types of height is a nice thing too. Removable wrist thing is not a news for a keyboard. One more thing which is nice lots of media buttons. It could be used pretty nice, since i can program it to buy weapons in css like or some rpg games, or to open some programs or something else useful.

So cons would be ... one guy told that arrow buttons worn off after a couple of months. Well, let's count this one too, but i'm not using those buttons much. And the touch media buttons panel is not very good thing.

Conclusion would be that more pros than cons. But it has one big cons with the touch panel. So what about G15 now?

Well, aout G15 in other forums someone wrote that he would prefer Eclipse III with unknown reasons. Let's not count that maybe, or well, let's do it. ANyways, another guy wrote that wrist thing wears off quickly. And i think it' has cons like no controlling of backlights. That's all i know yet.

What i wanna know about these two keyboards:
From users maybe. Does keys wears off quickly or not? How much time you been using it? Keys pressing soft or not so soft? Is that a loud press of keys or it's not? What cons/pros can you say about these two keyboards?

Can some moderator delete this post? I foudn some things about those two keyboards and i'll write another post with a diffirent name. Thanks! And please delete this one. http://www.computerforums.org/showth...751#post962751.
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