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Exclamation Lockups

My computer locks up when i play games like bf2 and benchmark. I just got new parts. I have a amd64 3200+,evga 7800gt,1gigabyte and a half or corsair value select, msi microatx 939 mobo. I was wondering if it was my psu since its made by aspire and it came with my case. I the qpack and its a great case but i dont think the psu is that great. The psu is 420wat. Since the 7800gt takes a lot of power (i think it does) do i need a better psu and also how many connectors should i connect to the card one or two.

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Default Re: Lockups

It could be a lot of problems - I'm guessing hardware. Start with the memory. Try only one stick in different slots. It could be other hardware as well such as a bad video card. Since it only seems to do it during graphically intensive activities, it's a distinct possibility.

As you suspect, the PSU might be causing it as well. Once again, since it's happening during heavy graphical loads when the video card is drawing the most power, it could be causing a power failure. Test it out with a more powerful PSU.

It might also be overheating. Check your temps at idle and during load. Make sure all the fans are working and are oriented properly.

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Old 08-24-2005, 02:15 AM   #3
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yea but my load temps are 60c and my vid is 50c. The case doesnt get too hot but the psu gets really hot. You could practically burn urself by holding your finger there. Anyways the random lockup is only in benchmarks for games and i dont think it my graphics becasue it works fine for the majority. The psu is what iam worried about because since my video card is power hungry it drains my psu. When i benchmark the lights in the psu flicker on the psu fan. I only have 1 hd and cd and also since my psu is generic wont that make it even worse and what psu should i get for under 80. My pc isnt overheating because my friend has the same specs as me and except for the vid and his goes up to 65c. I cant put a real heatsink on it becase msi has this stickypad on the bottom that wont come off and if i try to take it off i might short the mb. Iam using stock right now.
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