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Default Lenovo RapidDrive Technology

Has anyone had experiences with this technology? Or maybe a similar technology that also uses an HDD/SSD combination? I bought an IdeaPad a few weeks ago and I came across this piece of technology while looking for a download of VeriFace (which I had idiotically uninstalled). I'm thinking about buying a 32GB SDD so I can use this technology on the IdeaPad, however I don't want to waste $100 for an insignificant increase in performance.

I would like to know how this technology affects battery life and how exactly a 32GB SSD would mesh with a 500GB 7200RPM HDD. I know that this is a very specific question, but I want to see what customers have to say before I hit the Lenovo forums.

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Default Re: Lenovo RapidDrive Technology

You know, we just got a new IdeaPad in at work that I set up for the Secretary General, and I didn't bother to check what the drive was. It was a 500GB monster, but that's all I looked at. I'll have to finagle it from him and see what it's got. It was pretty much ho-hum as far as laptops go when accessing the hard drive, so it may have just been a spinner.
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