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Default Is this laptop worth it?

Is the price of this laptop worth it for what the features are?

I'll be using it for basic things like internet browsing and word processing and such..

Its basically for use in college.

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Default Re: Is this laptop worth it?

That is very nice. It's exactly like the one I have, but mine is a Compaq. Exact same specs. You won't regret it. It will do everything you want it to do, including what you mentioned above. That is about the same price I paid for mine too.

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Default Re: Is this laptop worth it?

if you onlly using it for internet browsing and word processing you don't need the DVD burner or even 512 MB of RAM. i lived in the dorms and a laptop isn't that much better of a choice than a desktop. i'm building a decent gaming computer for about that price now(actaully a little more but i want a 19" LCD and a surround sound system) basically if internet and word processing is seriously all then you can get by with a cheaper laptop, and if you want to play new games, and do everything else, you can build a desktop from scratch for that price that is entirely acceptable. otherwise, i'm using a laptop now (which i bought for college) which i paid exactly $1000 for and the one listed is better(except for the cpu, mine is a 2.8Ghz AMD). just wish i had thought more whne i was buying this thing. coulda gottan such a better computer for the price. hahaha laptops are the only time i can think of where someone will say that smaller is better. well.....that and cellphones.....
good luck.
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