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Default Re: Laptop vs. Desktop

True, but if you want to be able to play games at least half-decent, which was my understanding, you will need something a little more hefty than that. But just internet and word processing, a $600-$800 processor should do the trick.

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Default Re: Laptop vs. Desktop

I have just finished my 2nd year at uni doing a business degree, and I simply could not live without my laptop, I use it for everything, my uni has wi-fi everywhere so I can surf the net and do whatever wherever. I also love playing games, okay so my laptop could not complete with some of your rigs but it can play every game on the market so far and they look good, E.G plays FEAR with almost everything on full, although the battery does not cope very well when I do this, Iím lucky to get an hour and 15 mins. However when I finish uni I will be building a major gaming rig!! Cant wait. So what I am trying to say is, if u have the cash get a laptop that does a nice job on games, and you then have the best of both worlds with the only compromise with being frame rates with some games!! Lol

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Default Re: Laptop vs. Desktop

Originally Posted by Sahed
Yeah. All my family members had been accepted for Financial Aid, but the biggest problem is my mom. I have enough money to get both, but she doesn't see the point of getting two. I may end up buying a desktop and then just use my current laptop. It's horrible, but a good video card a reboot can probably fix that up good. The crack on the screen I'll have to get used to.
Nah, its not that bad. If its just for college use then it'll probably serve the purpose. The processor is pretty close to mine, but I have 512mb of RAM... but the hard disk drive is kind of small. All depends on what you need it for.
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Default Re: Laptop vs. Desktop

I don't know if I can use it for anything. I have trouble browsing on it and going on AIM. I can't even do those with lag. I'm pretty sure it's the video card that's the problem. The Ram and processor are decent, but it still runs like a piece of junk.

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