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Default Laptop Overheating

I am doing a project for my engineering class in which I have to pick a problem, justify that the problem exists, and solve it. I picked overheating laptops and now I'm tring to justify it. I have prepared this surey to gauge the magnitude of the problem. If anyone could fill it out it would be very helpful. Also if you know any really good existing solution could you tell me so that I can look it up.

Please answer all applicable questions with “yes” or “no” or as
otherwise specified.

1. Do you own a laptop?___
2. If no, have you used a laptop? ____ <if no, end survey>
3. Do you use the laptop directly on your lap? ____
A. Was there pain or discomfort on your lap from the laptop? _____
-If yes, how severe? (1-10, 10 being excruciating) ____
4. Does your laptop heat up? ____
A. Did your laptop ever inexplicably shut down while hot? ____
B. Is your battery life significantly shorter then date of purchase? _____
-Is your laptop constantly plugged in? ____
-Have you noticed any smoke or odor or has your battery ever sparked, bubbled, ignited, expanded, contracted, or any unusual behavior? _____
C. Have you ever suffered data loss from unanticipated shutoff? _____
5. Has your laptop ever been damaged as a result of heat? ____
A. If yes, about how much? _____

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Default Re: Laptop Overheating

1. yes
3. yes
A. no-
4. Only if placed on a surface which does not allow fans to properly cool (pillows, beds, etc.
A. no
B. No, but only because I make sure to always keep it plugged in, as constantly charging and using battery (despite the amount of consumption) diminishes its potential max charge over time
Thus, yes, my laptop is always plugged in (when possbile)
I previously owned a gaming laptop from PCTorque which was extremely high end. I learned quickly that gaming laptops were just not meant to be, and are almost oxymoronic in their existence. Towards the end of my string (after 2 previous RMA's in a year due to mobo/power cord disconnect), the motherboard had once again become loose from the charging outlet (part the cord is plugged into on the computer). There was definitely sparks and a noticeable odor from it while I was clearing everything off of it in order to sell. This was after months of neglect (in terms of addressing the problem), however.
C. Not often, and only during power outages.
5. Fried the GPU on my gaming laptop pretty good by leaving it on the bed. However, this turned out to be a common problem with the model, and I don't think I can attribute it wholely to simple overheating.

Hope this helps!

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Default Re: Laptop Overheating

I haven't had a laptop in a while. But, a laptop cooling station is a cheap solution to overheating. It also doesn't cook your legs.
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