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Default Laptop heat question...

I just bought that Sony Vaio that I was talking about a few days ago (the 460), and I read beforehand that it would get hot real fast, well that held true. It does get hot in a short amount of time, even though I just bought it today, and haven't even done anything on it lol. I really don't mind, but am just wonderining if this heat will bring issues down the line? and if there is any solution to reducing the heat?

I did buy the 3 year service plan, so I'm not too worried, but if there is a way to prevent potential problems, i'd like to take that precuation.

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Default Re: Laptop heat question...

about the only thing that I know of that will help is to make sure it is propped up on one side so that heat will not be trapped. I have heard of a cooling plate attachment that is built for certain brands but haven't a clue as to where to get one...

Heat is always an issue with laptops and heat is the main factor for failure of any electronics...It was good to have gotten the service plan.

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Default Re: Laptop heat question...

Yeah, thats the main reason to consider when buying a laptop, how much excess heat there is going to be when you run a laptop
There are many laptop add ons that could help this problem
There are laptop stands that have a fan, or several of them, underneath the laptop so that the heat can escape
But if you can't find one or can't afford one, make sure that you always leave space at the bottom and side of the laptop so that heat is able to escape without problems
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Default Re: Laptop heat question...

With some laptops, the back is set higher than the front allowing heat to dissipate better. Mine is like that, but the table still feels pretty hot. They do make laptop coolers where you can mount to the bottom of the laptop. They have twin fans running that can help blow out the hot air and aluminized for faster heat dissipation. Have to make sure it fits your model laptop though.
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