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Old 04-02-2005, 01:36 AM   #11
The Candyman
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Default Re: laptop hd split in half. help!

Originally Posted by ethanemc505
I went to management and looked and it showed only one partition ntfs and 31.4 gb total..???? I dont want linux anymore...ill wait to buy windows xp 64 bit edition. i think i changed some settings with the sectors and blocks (: i love sectors...well any one have any idea...i reformated with fat 32 then nfst then fat 32 then finnally said screw it and formated using xp disk and installed xp home and now im here with a retarted hd. anyone have any idea.?????????????

i think that is part of your problem right there, if you formatted it from fat32 to NTFS , it warns you that once you do this, that programs running that need fat32 compatibility will not work properly when going to NTFS.

so i would just delete the partitions, use a program that writes 0's to the entire hhd, then make a new partiton using NTFS. formatt that, and re-install your OS.

right after that re-boot to safe mode and set up a scan disk to task at the next boot-up, this will verify the the integrity of the hhd, then after thats done, reboot again & go into safe mode again. if it will not work

choose last known config. that worked, then go to de-fragmenter & gefrag the hhd....that should take care of it.

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Old 04-03-2005, 08:35 PM   #12
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Unhappy Alraedy Tried

I do not know if the original poster tried any of those 0 writing programs, that wipe your hard drive TOTALLY, but I sure have, and let me tell you that mine gets stuck at 7% for hours.

Could it be that I havea damaged hard drive, but then why would Linspir work just fine.

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Old 04-05-2005, 03:35 PM   #13
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I tried using one of those programs that wrote complete zeros....it didnt help so i tink my hd is completely damaged..or at least has some serious problems

any ideas????
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Old 04-05-2005, 04:06 PM   #14
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Default Re: laptop hd split in half. help!

As far as my experience with windows+linux on same drive I have I think you still have linux installed on the other half and a good (aham) thing that Windows Xp & Co. have is that they're unable to see drives or partitions where linus is installed :S
Try to fix that with you Linux CD, I can do it with mine at least, I boot from the CD and there's a nice interface, then I delete all the partitions and create a bigg full one on the NTFS system (for windows xp) and format it, then I just click the restart button on the PC and install windows

Anyways, if u wanna COMPLETELY format your computer put a magnet next to your hard drive (a big one) and it will write all zeros on it XD
Don't do it though, I learned it in Computer Science but I don't wanna cause damage to anyone's hardware so I wouldn't recommend you to do this because I never tried it myself. :P

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