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Default Laptop DVD/CDrom Problem. Advice request

Hi Guys,

Was wondering if anyone could let me have some advice please...

My laptop is playing up, any help or advice would be much appreciated.
Basically the DVD/CD Rom drive freezes on both audio and movies it is playing. Starts playing again, but then freezes again etc and on and on.
Movies and music etc already on the hard-drive play with no problems, itís only when I use the disk drive.
Have uninstalled and re-installed the drivers but no change.

Sony wants me to reformat the whole computer but I reckon itís a physical problem with the actual drive? They want this done before theyíll accept it back for a check, if itís found to not have any problems without this being done theyíre talking about charging anyway even though itís under warranty.

Do you think itís worth trying this and maybe wiping programs etc, or does it sound like a problem they will actually need to fix in store?




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Default Re: Laptop DVD/CDrom Problem. Advice request

Sounds like its the drive or the discs to me, are they original discs your playing? Have you made any changes to the system recently since you started experiencing the problems?

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Default Re: Laptop DVD/CDrom Problem. Advice request


i 'think' it could be 2 things

1. Laser has gone in the disk drive
2. pc specs could be too low ??

now u may have a really good pc which would prove me completely wrong but my friends computer had the same problem old AMD processor with 128MB RAM now i thought that would be well enough to play dvd's but aparently it wasnt

heres the steps i took

1. uninstalled and reinstalled dvd Drive
2. used various video playback software (windows media player, VLC)
3. replaced it with a dvd drive i know works including new cables
4. put DVD drive in my computer worked fine
5. upgraded his CPU and RAM to some other AMD cnt member wot and 512MB RAM and it then worked fine ?

now my conclusion lead me to believe that his computer had enough power to play AVI files but once it started using the DVD drive must have bin too much resources ???

note : this is NOT a common problem it is unlikely it is your problem but i thought it maybe worth posting just incase you had low spec ?

also note if my m8 did do a clean install this also would have fixed it because he would not have alot of background programs running therefore he would have more system resources
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