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Default Laptop Dispays


I am looking to buy a laptop, mainly for movies and browsing the net, not so much for games.

I was thinking something with intel processor (core 5 or 7), I believe both of these support 1080p, but what I am not sure about is the display.

Several years ago I saw dell studio xps, it was a core 5 version with the RGB LED display, it looked fantastic, but that was maybe two years ago.

Can somebody explain me the current (laptop) display situation, what is the best available technology I can get?


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Default Re: Laptop Dispays

Hi Eddy,

Your cpu does not portray what resolution it can display. That is a limitation of your GPU and screen size. 1080p is available starting at 15.6" and up. There are studies online that shows you sweet spots for resolution, screen size, and viewing distance and honestly 1080p for 15.6 is overkill. If you plan to hook it up to a TV, thats a different story. Someone correct me if i'm wrong but I think even if your laptop screen only supports up to 720p but your GPU and TV support 1080p, then you can hook up ur laptop to your TV and enjoy 1080p =D If movies, and browsing is all you want to do get a second gen core i3 (ie: core i3 2300) This will be more than enough for your needs. The built in graphics on these CPUs are great for movies. If you think about doing any 3D gaming, get a laptop with a dedicated graphics card.

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Default Re: Laptop Dispays

Thanks for the reply I havent got a TV thats why I want a laptop with some nice screen, I believe laptops do support 1080p video and on a 17" screen difference between 720p and 1080p can be seen (atleast by some people). I was just asking what technology should I get, I know there backlit led, rgb led, the new IPS (I think mostly tablets have them) and probably others.
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