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Default laptop Battery Problem

I have a battery problem.

what i think has gone wrong it that a couple of weeks ago i tryed my girlfriends laptop charger in my one. hers is a compaq mine is a dell. it charged for a bit as i left mine at home. i came home and my battery didnt charge but i never noticed till i wanted to show my dad something 2 weeks later and it had a x through the battery saying there was no battery, battery is in there and now i cant unplug it which can be anoying as it is a laptop and if i do unplug it it will turn off.

i have took the battery out and left it out over night. no diff
i have let the battery drain and charged it for 24 hours. no diff.


i am stuck for answer any help need. i am a bit impationt as my laptop has to be on 247 as if i turn it off it is really slow.

just in case you want to know my laptop it is a:
dell insporn 6000

Intel(R)Prentiem(R) M 1.6GHz

Ram 512mb.

girlfriends laptop
compaq (dont know model)
3gb of ram

all i know .

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Default Re: laptop Battery Problem

In short, it looks like you've completely fried the battery by using the wrong sort of charger (perhaps it was a higher voltage?) Batteries in laptops can be relatively complicated things, and if some of the circuitry there has been given a few volts over what it runs off then it's probably given up the ghost. If this is the case then the only way forward is to purchase a new battery and be careful you don't make the same mistake in future!

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Default Re: laptop Battery Problem

Berry's right you toasted the battery. There's a chip in the battery that monitors the condition and controls the charging. If you over drive the chip it smokes.
After you pay 169.00usd for a battery, you won't do it twice. Trust me...
And no I didn't do that to mine. Mine's just dying of old age.
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