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Default Laptop, Battery dead?

Hi, Im new to this forums so thought id say hi before i started. My laptop is a Dell inspiron 2650. It has given me some problems in the past but overall it has been a decently good computer. It has been about 2 years since ive first purchased the laptop. The problem now is the laptop wont turn on. I plugged in two different chargers (both of which work on my brothers laptop so i know its not the charger) When i plug in the charger i notice that the light that normally flashes indicating the laptop is charging is not going on. If i try to press the boot button with the charger unplugged i get two lights that flash the power light and the battery light but then they instant turn back off and the laptop does nothing. If i press the boot button with the charger in it nothing happens at all. i didnt drop the computer i did nothing weird, it just shut off without me even knowing it had no battery life. I was wondering if the problem is i need a new battery because it wont charge no more? Thanks for your help in advance.

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Default Re: Laptop, Battery dead?

Yeah well this is definietly a problem.

The fact that it doesn't even turn on when the power is inserted suggests to me its something within the laptop itself as when power is going through from the mains, its should work as of normal without using the battery.

Though when you turn it on without the power pack, the computer might be right in thinking there is no power in the battery, but because there is something wrong with the connection to power i the laptop itself, its not getting access to any to work

So i'd get the laptop checked out, though I've heard on a few laptops that the battery has to be working to power the laptop even when in mains mode though with yours it might not be the case. I wouldn't advise you as of yet to buy a new battery (though it'd work for the suggested 2 hours or so) I couldn't say that if you plugged up the power, it would charge.

So get it checked out if you can, the insides, and hopefully it iwll be this so you can just buy a new battery and make sure it never runs completly flat, though its more likley to be the power terminal in it.

I hope this helps

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Lets see....I guess the best thing to do is just take it to someone who knows a lot about laptops then?

Also i forgot to mention this earlier. The battery did have a little battery life left in it. When i tried to start it with the power cord in it, it did nothing but then when i took it out it started. It however had almost no batteries and the red light came on and the computer made the beeping sounds indicating it had little battery life left. So i plugged in the power cable, once it had been plugged in the beeping stopped and the light turned off. I logged in thinking everything was fine since it stopped the low battery life indicators then things shut off again and the whole battery was drained.

edit: also should i buy a mini screwdriver kit? Would it be possible that if i opened it up i could find whats wrong with it on my own? (i have little computer knowledge)
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Default Re: Laptop, Battery dead?

I think that you should take it to a service tech and let them have a look at it.
To me it seems as though you have a power issue that may be caused by a faulty internal power source switch.
I doubt if you could find anything that would fix it. On top of that...there are techs that shrivel up their shoulders when it comes to looking into laptops as they are a pain to get into and then to put back.
I suggest that you leave it to the shop.
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