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Question Lan-Gaming Cafe Owner, Need Help...

**Since I'm a new member, please forgive if I posted this in the wrong section**

hello everyone,

I'm going to open a LAN Gaming Cafe and i'm going to need your help and advice to get adequate PC specifications for my LAN Gaming Cafe.

First of All, here are some brief info;;

Most people here in my area play:

Offline/LAN games:
-Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
-Counter-Strike 1.6
-Unreal Tournament
-Need for speed Underground 2

Online Games:
-Gunbound ( www.gunbound.net )
-Ragnarok Online ( www.ragnarokonline.com )
-Tantra Online (a new rich featured 3D Online MMORPG Game)

Right now my LAN Gaming Cafe missions are:

-Provide a comfortable place (Air Conditioner, Leather Seat, etc)
-Cheap cost to play and surf
-Provide adequate entertainment in the PCs (Many Games, Music, Movies, scanned comics, etc)
-Provide adequate office applications (For people who come in to do their work)
-To defeat other Internet and Gaming Cafes in features and to take there loyal costumers to mine. (business is cruel, yes)


-To bring Counter Strike: Source as full featured eye candy LAN-Gaming
(The game must run smooth in highest detail) Why? since all the people here is craze with cs.

There are some gaming cafes in my area that already installed CS:Source to
their system, however people don't play them since it
run bad (Slow & pixelated) on there pc systems (Most cafes only got low spec PCs such as athlon 2000+ combined with geforce 4mx/geforce fx5200) and they play the older condition zero and 1.6 instead.

Anyway, after All the confusion for weeks, i decided to get this PC specification for my LAN Gaming Cafe:

-Monitor: Samsung Syncmaster 793mb ($120) (Popular monitor in asia PC Market, if there's any better for value then let me know.)
( Pictures & Info: http://shopper.cnet.com/Samsung_Sync...097065.html?q= )

-Motherboard: DFI NF II Ultra AL ($60) (1 year old Mobo, however its a good nforce2 ultra mobo, and cheap too, 1/2 price of the LANParty version)
( Pictures & Info: http://www.new-generation.nl/index.h...5.html&lang=nl )

-CPU: AMD Athlon XP 3000+ ($80) (Decided to get this because i think its's the best price/perfomance cost compared to its higher XP 3200+ model. and I say no to overclocking lower models.)

-RAM: Corsair/Kingston DDR PC3200 512MB Value ($70) (If there's anything better for value then let me know.)

-HDD: Western Digital 80GB SATA 8MB Cache 7200 RPM WD800JD ($60) (My best hard drive experiences were with the WDs)

-VGA: Geforce 6600 AGP ($120) (In my opinion, this is the best Value Card at the moment)

-Casing: Simbada 380W Black / Red ($20) (Cool looking case system, similiar to those much more expensive Xaser cases)
( Picture: http://www.rakitan.com/simbadda.jpg )

-K&M: Thermal Take Xaser Termaltake Xaser Desktop Optical Black / Red ($20) (Nice, smooth looking Keyboard and Mouse that will match perfectly with the simbadda case)
( Pictures & Info http://www.pccasegear.com/prod1032.htm )

-Headset: LABTEC Axis 002 (sleek, goodlooking headset)
( Pictures & Info http://www.gamingin3d.com/reviews/axis/main.shtml )

But after all of that, i still have confusions:

1.for the CPU & MOBO, Is it Worth to upgrade to Athlon 64 2800+ combined with DFI LANParty nforce3 250mb board? with $100 more. Will all the games and the application on the workstations will run faster compared to the Athlon XP 3000+? (If it's only gonna give small difference in system speed, and only like 4fps in cs source then i rather spend the extra money for a Geforce 6600GT.

2.I'm scared that Geforce 6600 AGP is not going to run CS: Source smoothly at highest graphic setting (with 4xAA and 16x FSAA), should i get Geforce 6600GT instead? ($80 more).

3.But come back to the point, do people like it to play CS: Source with AA and FSAA? or most people just gonna turn them off? if its true then theres no point in getting the Geforce 6600GT.

4.Should I get a single 512MB RAM or should i get 2x 256mb for the DDR Slots (extra $10).

5.Do you guys think the Thermaltake Xaser Keyboard & Mouse will do its job well? and about getting a high-end mouse model (above $30) i say no, because most people here bring there own mouse anyway to play CS. If the Thermaltake Xaser is good enough, then will it get any better if i get the wireless version ($20 more), such as in look, style and eye candy to customers. but I'm worried about problems with changing batteries and hardware response time, as many people say wireless K&M for gaming is a bad idea.
( Picture & Info: http://www.xoxide.com/a2209.html )

6.Is the Headset good enough? is there any better value ones?

7.If i get the DFI NF II Ultra AL, it won't have soundstorm.. then will the realtek soundcard will be adequate enough? or i should add a cheap SBlive 5.1 to go with?

And, as for network, since i've never had experience with making such big LAN network. then i need to ask few questions:

1.What do you think is best specification for building a server PC. the networked stations is going to be 30+ PCs.
2.Which one is better to install, Switch or a router. if it's router, can you beriefly explain how its going to be installed.

ok that's all... and my decision will greatly affected by your opinions..
thank you very much for helping with me out... if there's any error with my post please correct me. any questions just ask me.
Once again, Thank you very much.

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1. No it is not worth it.

2. To be honest I dont know of a vid card that can handle CS:S smoothly, my Radeon 9800 Pro 256mb is even choppy.

3. I think most people will leave the settings of the AA or FAA

4. Stick with the 1 stick.

5. Mouse/Keyboard will do fine, if they don't like them, they will just bring their own next time.

6. There are better ones. Plantronics audio 90 headset. Very nice headset for $20.

7. Add the cheap SB Live.

1&2: dont know anything about servers/networking.

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Default Re: Lan-Gaming Cafe Owner, Need Help...

You will need a nice dedicated server to run your games. You may need two or three of them. if you plan to run more than one game at a time. I suggest this be your nicest system. Dual Xeons at best, one athlon 64 3500+ - FX55 at the worst. Also two gigs or RAM or more. You will need a nice PSU. A well ventilated case w/ lots of fans. SCSI or WD Raptor HDs.

You wil need a nice router so you can run the internet through that. and so you can set up your lan network easily. The router will be atleast 1000 bucks i am suspecting.

I hope you have some people that are more knowledgable to help you set up your network, the internet, and build the PC's,

Also CS:S sucks without AA and AF. I recommend the 6800 GT. But the 6800GT and 6600Gt wont be running this at the highest setting 8xaa 16xaf. Also get a athlon 64 3200+ or higher. And get 2x256 it runs much faster that way.

I also recommend getting a case without a PSU and getting a nice $50+ PSU. There is no way that cheap PSU in that case will hold under the conditions you are going to put it through.
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Default Re: Lan-Gaming Cafe Owner, Need Help...

I'd like to know where it is that you found the 6600 AGP for $120? Cheapest i found is $210 and its only the GT that they sell in AGP.
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