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Default Re: Keeping My System Cool

Idle temps are around 20-25 degrees.. it's the airflow which is suffering under computer stress which gets it so hot!

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Default Re: Keeping My System Cool

and what is too hot? What temps?

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Default Re: Keeping My System Cool

It's primarily the ambient case temperature.. the whole of it gets very hot inside due to lack of airflow I believe and consequently heats every other component up more so than it should.
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Default Re: Keeping My System Cool

55 degrees is a deplorable idle temp. Especially if that's stock clock.
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Default Re: Keeping My System Cool

Originally Posted by datkins91 View Post
Hey all,

I need advice on the best way to keep my system cool as it's running very hot when under stress.. primarily because I'm not making use of all the fan placements on the case.. of which there are only 3!

I have 1 120mm rear fan and 2 120mm front fans... so I'm thinking I should make the most of these by installing 2 fans with 75 CFM at the front (decent amount of airflow I thought) and then I thought perhaps an even higher CFM for the rear fan, as I only have one space for an exhaust! So ideally I thought it should be quite a powerful one...

What do you guys think?
There's needs to be more drawing out than drawing in. What you have now is too much coming in and not enough out. This is known as a positive pressure flow. What you want is more going out so it creates a negative pressure flow.

In a positive flow the air coming in absorbs the heat and gets saturated, but with little flow out the back the air stagnates. In other words, it gets hot inside.
In a negative flow the fans move more air out than is coming in. The air absorbs the heat from the inside of the case and it moves right on out the case.

On my Antec P280 I have 3 120mm fans blowing 2 out the top and 1 on the back. I finally installed the two intakes fans on the inside of the drive tower. So I have 1/3 less drawing in relation to the exhaust fans. With the 240mm tall and 120mm wide intake maul on the front, my baby stays pretty cool. Also the CM 212 evo CPU cooler has it's only fan so the air is sucked in through the fins and since the CPU fan and the back case fan are almost kissing, the CPU heat is drawn right out the back.

Wiring neatness counts. Keep the wiring out of the airflow.

This is what I was describing in the CPU fan faces the back exhaust fan.

Make the air in take passive and the exhaust as high as you can get it. Check Newegg for the Cougar brand fans. I use those and love em.
The better thing though if you can afford it is to get a better case. Good ones don't really cost all that much.

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