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Default Just joined today. First question.

Let me say that I am looking forward to reading threads on this forum. I should learn a lot (if I can at my age. ).

Built my first computer recently. From parts suggested by our IT guy. Assembled the computer desk, and realized I still hadn't bought a UPS. No place to plug in my speakers. Arrr. IT suggested around 800ish. Looking at the APC website I see that there are 4 series, 2 for home computer, 2 for business computers. The best value ES series for home tops out at 750VA while the best value for business CS series tops out at 650VA.

Then we have the 2 high performance series. The home LS series goes to 700 while the RS business tops out at 1500VA. So it seems the IT is suggesting a high performance business UPS. He is very knowledgeable, but I have to ask if 800VA is really necessary for me?

Don't know what information you need to answer, but I built it using a 500 watt EarthWatt power supply, an M4A785TD-V EVO motherboard and a GeForce 9600 video card. Is that enough info to make a good suggestion?

I was going to go with the ES750 at less than $90. One place carries the RS800 (high performance business) for less than $130, while the LS 700 (high performance home) is about $10 more. I believe the LS and RS series are capable of increasing low voltage to maintain an even output to the peripherals. How important is this?

Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: Just joined today. First question.

Here is the deal with any UPS. In an IT environment, a UPS is going to have a lot more importance than with a general household environment. You should be ok with 650VA. The main reason to have a UPS in the first place is to be able to do a shutdown safely in case of a power failure. Other than that, you basically have a surge protector sitting there with a battery in it.

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Default Re: Just joined today. First question.

Thanks, FM. You've just save me some money. I'll put it into my wife's Christmas present.
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