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Default JavaScript problem???

My problem is this: sometimes JavaScript doesn't work on my computer. I have IE and Firefox, both fully updated, and the problem is the same for both of them.

A couple examples (I'm not 100% sure this is a JavaScript problem, hopefully these examples will determine if it is):

On Facebook, the bar at the bottom of the screen (chat bar) works only about 25% of the time. Other times I can click it and nothing will happen. Other certain things on Facebook don't work as well, such as the default uploading picture utility. It just continues to load the utility, showing the flower-circle-loading picture-thing constantly loading. I also can't tag people in pictures, as the list of people that comes up who I can choose from to tag doesn't load.

On ESPN.com, at the top of the page, near the logo, there's always several links to GameCasts of games going on at the time. When I click them once, the usual "IE has blocked this popup" bar comes up at the top of the page, so I tell IE not to block it. After the page reloads, I click the link(s) and nothing happens. However, when I go to the "scoreboard" page on ESPN.com where all the games from a certain league are listed, I can click on any of them and they'll launch.

On MLB.com, on the left side there are links to MLB GameDay (similar to gamecast on ESPN.com). None of them work for me, ever. Also, on brewers.com, half the page doesn't load, such as the Video Corner on the right, pretty much everything under the "Next game" to the immediate left of the video corner, whatever is supposed to show to the immediate left of the "Brewers headlines", etc. Also, if you go to the scoreboard page on MLB.com, and choose a date from the past, you should be able to click the score of any half inning and watch that on MLB.tv for free. Nothing launches when I click it though.

Those are just examples of what frustrate me right now. The computer is fast, the internet connection is fast, but JavaScript (or whatever the problem is) doens't work right. This happens both on IE and Firefox. I've also tried Chrome, doesn't work. Youtube works most of the time, by the way.

I use Windows XP on an AMD Sempron Processor 3100+, with 1.50 GB of RAM. On my IE Internet Options, under Advanced, the only thing under the heading "Java" (use JRE 1.6.0_07 for <applet>) is checked. I'm not sure what other settings you'd like to know to help me solve this problem. My "security level" is medium-high. I use Symantec Client Firewall. When I disable it the problems still exist.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

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Default Re: JavaScript problem???

have you gone to www.java.com and gotten updates for java? and what about flash player (www.adobe.com)? both could could part of the problem.

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Default Re: JavaScript problem???

try to clear ur cookies....or check for spyware...i've recently experienced similar problem with another sites. and i had the latest updates for Java, Flash, codec, firefox, ie, etc.....and still nothing worked. after that i just ran anti spyware scan, reboot and voilla!
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