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Default Issues with BF2

Hi folks, this may sound a little bit like a rant (it partly is), but it's about BF2 and its associated problems.

Firstly, that God-awful menu system. It's so unresponsive (sometimes plain doesn't work when you click things), and occasionally locks up my machine altogether. Anyone else with similar problems?

Secondly, the Account server - what a joke. I know there's a lot of traffic going to and from it, but Steam has way more traffic and never takes that long. I shouldn't have to load up the game and wait another 10 minutes (in some cases) for my stats to get downloaded. I got promoted today to Private First Class. After waiting my 10 minutes, I get to the main menu with a big box telling me I'd been promoted, and to click OK. I click OK, and guess what? The crappy interface locks up my system. Reboot time, folks.

Thirdly, the server browser - another joke. It's slow and unresponsive again, and suffers from the same problem you see in the whole BF series: no matter how many times you refresh it, you see a server with 27/32, try and join, and it says it's full. Refresh again, 27/32, still full? Oh yes.

I do appreciate EA released a patch for all of this, but it too was faulty and has been withdrawn (before I knew it had even been released in the first place). And if I do make it into the game, it's flawless.

But these niggles need to be ironed out. The problems I have aren't consistent, they only appear every so often, and I reinstalled the game (after something got corrupted, which led to PB kicking me from every server thinking I was hacking) and they got slightly worse.

I wonder if I'm not the only one suffering these problems? Early reports from Google suggest I'm most definitely not.

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Default Re: Issues with BF2

yeah, btw what's he stats of your PC, also how long did it take to be promoted? and are there and weopans to be unlocked yet? and how does that system work?

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Default Re: Issues with BF2

The 27/32 maybe be telling you that it is full because there are reserved slots. Just like Steam does except Steam points out that there are reserved slots.

I noticed the crappy in game broswer myself when I was playing the demo....
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