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Default Re: IP Address

Some ISPs though use a static Internet IP address. My service provider (Verizon) uses a static, so anywhere I go, my IP address is the same. You might wanna check with your ISP. They might offer another IP address for you. But you can always use a proxy for free.

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Default Re: IP Address

Jervin, are you talking about a mobile card used in laptops? If that is the case, it may be required to use a static IP address because it uses the cell phone signal.

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Default Re: IP Address

Originally Posted by MooseMan View Post
The internet connection speed will not be effected by your IP address. The internet connection does not change, but it simply gets a different "identification" if you will, to access the internet. Do you have a router or is your computer hooked up directly from your Cable/DSL modem?
well when i reset my homehub now the speed changes as its new and apparently the line needs to settle. i should be able to get 4mb+ here yet im only just over 2mb, which i was at before. so basically they havent done much about my speed

anyway rant over. if restarting the router doesnt work just use www.shadow.com
works fast and should be fine
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Default Re: IP Address

Originally Posted by Zaki God View Post
I am doing this because a forum banned my IP address and I really want to use the forum , it is "Sythe", the thing I have just realized is, when I switch my IP address will it make my internet connection different? I really don't want that unless it is the same, because my internet connection is really fast, and I want it to stay that way.

^^About what you said, I would like to take this into consideration but I need help, I have 2 things, a wireless router and a modem, which do I unplug...and also, I just pull it out...that is all...will anything happen to the computer? And when I plug it back in will the internet connection be the same?

Please Help
The guys here should not really be telling you how to cheat a banning from a forum. It's skirting on the edge of the rules here.
Besides care to share why you got banned?

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