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Default Internet web page saving noob question

Hello all.

im going travelling around europe from the 12 feb to the 7 april. starting from france normandy and going all the way to russia st-petersburg and moscow. ive been looking at internet cafes around europe today but i have got so pee'd off with coping stuff of the internet into word (taking my laptop with me) that i thoiught i would just save the webpage instead. i thought this would of been as simple as right click save page as etc. the trouble it works but i cant get any links to work to the otehr webpages that i have also saved, it keeps coming up with i cant find it.

this is probably as simple as abc to someone but its vexing me and would free up alot of time so i can get in touch with those damn ruskies and arrange a tour around the chernobly disater site. thank you al

EDIT: im using firefox

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Default Re: Internet web page saving noob question

Right, I'll try and help.

When you save webpages, I guess you use the Bookmarks feature? This makes sure they are all saved.
"Bookmarks, Bookmark this page"


Right, well to save that out so you can import it into another Firefox program or into Microsoft Internet Explorer (Not sure if it can do that though)

Go to the Bookmarks tab, and on the list select, Manage Bookmarks.

This allows you to do alot, like renaming, deleting, etc.
Well go to File, Export, and choose a place. Then just place this on disk or USB drive, or even floppy and simply take it with you

I hope this helps
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