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Default Interesting password problem.

So Windows Server 2008, the supposed better version of Vista. I downloaded the trial to check things out and I have it dual booting on my laptop with no problems. I'm pleased with the system but with a lack of driver support for the 64 bit version I was holding off on making it my permanent OS of choice.

Some time has passed since I last used it mainly because of a lack of HDD space and not wanting to reinstall all my programs. Today I decided to go back in and check some things out, but when I go to log on, it tells me my password is incorrect. I have a long and complex password so I figured I must have mistyped something, but 5 trys later to no avail I still can't log on.

This is a curious problem because I know exactly what I set my password to and I retyped it many times, even some other passwords just in case. So how can 2008 just forget my login information? That makes so little sense I just don't know what to think. Has anyone ever heard of such a problem as this? Usually it's user error but I know very well what that password should be and there is no possible way anyone could change it. I didn't invest a lot of time in the OS so I won't exactly mind formatting but I mean really? It just forgot?

Comments on this are welcome and if anyone can figure out what happened kudos to them.

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Default Re: Interesting password problem.

I don't know what happened, but I have seen passwords that were to long. They get chopped off after X number of characters.

Make one of those boot password recover disks and look at or reset the password that way.

On a side note, Windows server 2008 is not really used for the same things vista is. It is not a vista replacement and almost no one will be running it on their laptop instead of vista.
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