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Default interesting link ati vs nvidia

from the topic: http://www.megagames.com/news/show.c...tion=comments&

"Please tell us which games run better on Nvidia based cards besides DOOM3? Farcry even with PS3.0 on Nvidia cards run it slower compared to the XT800 or XT850. Even Unreal 2004(opengl game) runs faster on the XT850 then the 6800Ultra. I like your "always has been" line. Hmmm. Does that include the FX line compared to the 9700, 9800 series? Those cards ran dx9 games slower with poor AA compared to the R3XX series. Remember all the driver hacks Nvidia pulled in that generation to try and close the gap in performance to the 9800 and 9700 cards? Custom clipping planes...EXE files. RUNNING ON SET CAMERA PATHS IN TIME DEMOS. A no no which cause major visual issues. Running games in lower floating point precisions other then the required fp24 as required by directx9 protocol. Nvidia based FX cards ran those games at FP12 and FP16. To this day, Nvidia based cards still do not run all games in their full floating point precision of 32bit. Even the 6800 cards do not. And please do not bring up driver issues with ATI. You just might have to flip that coin and bring up the NUMEROUS driver issues Nvidia has had of late with SLI and other current games. AND MAN HAS SLI BEEN UNSTABLE.
Your line that Nvidia has always played games better was in the days of the Geforce 1, 2, 3 DAYS. Those days ended quite abruptly when ATI released the R3xx chips(9700)
Nvidia has endeed produced great products in the 6800 line. Agreed. However if you compare speed and performance between the 2 top teir cards(6800 Ultra...XT850) the fastest single card setup is the XT850. All cards this generation offer very similar performance across the board. And visual quality. The only major change being the driver support with ATI compared to Nvidia. ATI with this generation and last has finally passed Nvidia in those regards. Just look at the recent reviews".
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