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Default Intel(R) HD Graphics and NVIDIA GeForce 310M on the ASUS K52JC-X2 problems.

So I bought the laptop from the title (ASUS K52JC-X2) a while ago and I don't think I'm getting the kind of FPS I should be getting. I seem to get around 10 in most place with all of my settings all the way down. The graphics cards that I have on here are the integrated Intel(R) HD Graphics which seems like the crappy one, and then there is the dedicated card that is the NVIDIA GeForce 310M card that seems to be a good bit better from what people have told me. I think that it isn't using the GeForce so that's why I'm getting such low frames. Either that, or the GeForce is just a crummy card and I should only be getting 10 FPS. I have read about other people having similar issues on the same laptop that I have on WoW, but they just DLed new drivers and it worked for them, I've tried to DL drivers and it didn't seem to work for me because I've still been getting 10 FPS.

Anyone around here know what to do about this? Thank you.

My settings are all the way down too by the way.

I also just tried going to the Device Manager and turning off the NVIDIA card and logging back on WoW and I'm still getting 10 FPS, which I would imagine indicates that it is in fact NOT using the NVIDIA. I've tried to disable the Intel also, and it just won't even let me use the computer monitor.

Alright, after 2 days I just figured it out. Inside the WoW video options, there is a slider bar labeled "Max Foreground FPS" and it slides from 0-100. I had it set to 10, which explains why I'm always at 10 FPS.
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