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Default Intel to make slower but more efficient processors

Intel has said that new technologies in chip manufacturing will favor better energy consumption over faster execution times – effectively calling an end to ‘Moore’s Law’, which successfully predicted the doubling of density in integrated circuits, and therefore speed, every two years.
The author is confusing Moore's Law which speaks only about the density of components, not about speed. Many people think that the 2 are the same thing.
As I said there in a reply as KvF:
This will be a great leap forward both for the average user and the power user alike. The average user will still get all the computational power they need at a reduced cost and a smaller carbon footprint than current tech allows, and the power user will have two options available as they do now, but the cpu option will be even brighter. Power users that need a lot of number crunching ability have generally used either an over-clocked cpu or the better alternative, gpus to do the computational work as is being used in the current deep learning applications such as self driving cars and bio research. The limiting factor in over-clocking has always been inefficiencies in the processor that generate heat as more voltage is applied, with a more efficient processor the ability to gain even faster speeds per core than we can currently will become a reality since the processor uses less energy to begin with and therefore produces less heat, there will be even greater room for higher over-clocks. This new generation of chips will be a definite win-win.

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Default Re: Intel to make slower but more efficient processors

Isn't this what they've always done, except they've gone for a small speed increase AND better efficiency?

I've already seen a definite swing though... you had the i5 4210M CPU which was almost the "standard" or "common" chip for i5 laptops. Then you had the i5 5200U which seemed to be the most common, and now the i5 6200U. The U chips are energy saving anyway, so much so that the i5 4210M was actually more powerful than the much more up to date i5 6210U. Maybe Intel will carry on encouraging PC manufacturers to fit energy saving chips wherever they can.

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Default Re: Intel to make slower but more efficient processors

Quantum computing is the way of the future. That and the use of graphene instead of silicon. A new paradigm is needed to move the industry forward. Also battery tech needs to improve vastly. Lithium ion is tapped. We need something else. Aluminium-air batteries need to be funded big time
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